KO-FLUSH Engine flushing oil



It can mildly clean the oil dirt attached to the crankcase, avoid formation of crystalline objects, and prevent blockade of oil channel. It can make the engine achieve

abundant lubrication under normal operation. While total mileage is increasing, it can decrease attachment of sludge and increase its volatility. It can also clean the

complicated mechanical system of valve assembly cam, reduce wear and tear of engine, and extend the lifespan of the engine.

Scope of application

This product is for the gasoline engines of turbocharged or naturally aspirated cars,and different kinds of 4-stroke motorcycle engines (except 2-stroke engine). It is for the sparkling plug ignited gas (natural gas and liquefied gas) engine that uses general cars’ engine lubricating oil. The manufacturer requests it to be used by the motorcycles consuming general motorcycles’ lubricating oil, portable (lawn mower)engine equipment, and 4-stroke engine.