TQ 907 10W60 IOO%PAO+ESTER fully synthetic (4T)



  1. It is applicable to different kinds of scooter races,time-counted race, durability race,and race of champions. Excellent results will be achieved.
  2. Its design of high viscosity index can achieve high airtightness of oil pressure, and minimize the consumption of engine oil to the least.
  3. It provides a maximized condition required for high-speed running for a long period of time, and ensures good effect of the engine running at high temperature.
  4. PAO fully synthetic base oil has excellent anti-oxidizing properties and high thermal stability.
  5. Synthetic esters have excellent lubricity, which can effectively reduce friction and wear of the machine parts surface.
  6. It contains organic liquid molybdenum, which can reduce engine material wear. The high oil stability does not deteriorate easily and extends the durability.
  7. The ultra temperature oil film is resistant to abrasion. The oil quality is stable and does not deteriorate easily, prolonging durability. Its high stability and excellent detergency can effectively prevent the production of sludge in the cylinder, piston ring, and valve bearing.
  8. The low viscosity index designed to provide a light startup and a smooth run at high speed, thus reducing working temperature and providing shock damping.