401 ASSASSIN 10W50 SN MA 4 STROKE MOTOR OIL Semi synthetic ESTER (4T)


401 ASSASSIN , made of semi synthetic Ester and high-quality base oil, is an American Petroleum Institute (API) certified SN product with License No. 3168. It is suitable for use in the countries with high humidity and temperature, or in other harsh environments as it can simultaneously provide excellent cleaning effect and good wear protection.


  1. Small consumption of engine oil
  2. high thermal stability
  3. Wide scope of application

Scope of application

  1. Naturally aspirated four-stroke gasolineengine.
  2. For vehicles equipped with wet clutch shifting mechanism.


It is especially produced for the commuters of Taiwan riding scooters in the cities.  When these scooters are matched with excellent additive, the consumption rate of engine oil can be reduced.