S500 SAE API SN 10W50


S500 10W50, made of synthetic ester + high-quality base oil, is an American Petroleum Institute (API) certified SN product with License No. 3168. It is suitable for use in Taiwan with high humidity and temperature, or in other harsh environments as it can simultaneously provide excellent cleaning effect and good wear protection for engine.


  1. Small consumption of engine oil
  2. High thermal stability
  3. Wide scope of application


Scope of application

  1. Naturally aspirated petrol engine
  2. Spark-plug- ignited natural gas engine of general vehicles
  3. Portable dynamic equipment 4-stroke petrol engine


Within an extremely wide range of temperature, the engine oil formula can be kept at a good viscosity. Therefore, when the engine is under high temperature with normal operation and under low temperature at starting stage, the engine can receive the most sufficient lubricant to reduce mechanical wear and achieve the best anti-wear effect. Adding synthetic ester base oil can increase lubrication and durability of oil products, and also adding excellent additives can reduce consumption rate of engine oil.